Cheryl Tom
On the lookout for her next startup, interesting people & projects.

Cheryl served as Director, Front End Development for CrowdTwist, a top NYC startup and is a TechStars alumni. She was a founding team member, employee #1, grew the company from 1-25 people, made it through a $6MM Series A and built the Montreal development team, racking up plenty of frequent flyer miles to HQ in NYC.

2012 has been a busy year.

Technical & Business achievements:

Women in Tech:

Cheryl is a serial entrepreneur and has bootstrapped several businesses in retail, event management, manufacturing and technology. She thrives in high pressure situations and truly believes that nothing is impossible.

Her current passion project is to hand build a sustainable off-grid dome home. Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Minor in Technological Entrepreneurship from McGill University.

Always looking for interesting projects, you can reach her below.